Alternative D20 Firearm Rules


These rules are not intended to be comprehensive – they are a replacement for any of several D20-based system’s firing modes and “recoil” systems. They are a deliberate balance between realism and complexity, and are intended to be “feat lite”, since many d20 firearm systems would render low-level soldiers largely ineffective (as well as being overly complex)!

It also includes an optional “wounds” system, and energy weapons with heat management

Note; It is fully intended that burst fire has very low accuracy, due to the number of shots you can take with it and the high damage on hits.

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A study of Griefers and their activities on MMOs and MUDs

An essay from my degree course in 2003, mildly edited for readability and with a 2015 postscript;

Islandia MUD – The Black Rose
LamdaMOO – Mr. Bungle
Commerial MMO’s
2015 Postscript
Appendix A : definitions of industry and commonly used gamer slang terms
Appendix B : Bibliography

A note – terms in bold are defined in the appendix, as they are industry or commonly used gamer slang terms which may not be commonly known.


“Grief Play” is an ongoing problem in many forms in online communities, and it is perhaps in online virtual worlds where the mechanics allow casual disruption of another players time where the problem can be seen most clearly. There are two main forms of virtual worlds, the graphical MMO’s, specifically MMORPG’s – “Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games” games and the text-based MUD’s – “Multi User Dungeons”.

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